G. Antonio Sosa-Pascual

G. Antonio Sosa-Pascual, co-chairman of the Pritc Board.

The Puerto Rico Information Technology Cluster (Pritc) announced the start of the third call for the Puerto Rico IT Innovation Awards, which reward the work of outstanding individuals and companies in the information technology (IT) industry on the island.

“Despite the fact that last year these awards could not be held due to the pandemic, this year we decided to resume this effort and celebrate the third edition of the awards, since they have been very positive for the industry, and in such a short time, are already enjoying great prestige, not only locally, but also internationally," stated G. Antonio Sosa-Pascual, who chairs the Board of Pritc together with engineer Juan Carlos Chipi.

The IT industry is positioned as one of the fastest growing gears of economic development, and every day more companies continue to develop in this field.

The PR IT Innovation Awards are divided into five categories, which will recognize outstanding individuals, products, projects and organizations in this sector. The five categories are: Intellectual Property Award, IT Project of the Year, Tech Exporter of the Year, Tech Startup of the Year, and Social Impact Award.

David Linares, member of the Board and in charge of the awards, announced that the nomination period that has already started will last until April 10, the last date that Pritc will accept nominations for its five categories.

The selected winners will be awarded during the 2021 ‘CIO & IT Leadership Conference,' the main platform of the IT industry in Puerto Rico, which has been held for the past six years.

The strategic objectives of these awards are to raise awareness about the importance of the island's IT industry; prominently recognize individuals, products, projects and organizations for their relevance in the industry, and turn the industry into a leader in terms of technological innovation, business impact, contribution to the industry, international projection and social benefit; as well as increasing the competitiveness of the industry in the region.

“As spokespersons for the industry, we call on any individual and/or company that wishes to participate, to do so. More so in these moments that we have lived very challenging times with the pandemic and where the technology industry has taken a leading role in our daily lives. It is time for professionals in this industry to highlight the benefits and assistance provided by computer technology on the island. In this way, we contribute to the continuous rise of Puerto Rico as an industry power," Linares said.

Regarding the evaluation processes, he underscored that they will continue to be carried out as in past years, "under total quality and transparency" and will have a panel of independent judges selected by the members of the Board, to maintain the integrity of the awards.

Finally, the members of the Board called on the entire IT sector on the Island not to miss this opportunity and participate in these awards. Those interested in participating can access the website www.pritc.org for more details and rules.

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