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During the peak flu season, and given the health threat posed by COVID-19, the MCS Foundation announced its financial support to Voces, the Coalición de Inmunización y Promoción de la Salud, which, together with the Puerto Rico National Guard and the Health and Family departments, has undergone a massive effort to conduct free flu shot clinics and positively impact thousands of people.

“Firm in our commitment to promote a better quality of life and health, the MCS Foundation is reinforcing its immunization initiatives by joining Flumaratón, which is part of the health promotion coalition Voces, in order to succeed in protecting the health of thousands of elderly and the community in general from these health threats. Therefore, we’ve announced a $50,000 contribution to inject our efforts into this initiative, especially to help the elderly population,” said Elba Rivera Molina, executive director of the MCS Foundation.

The MCS Foundation’s contribution to Voces will support the organization’s vaccination efforts at elderly centers and long-term centers throughout the island, as part of the “A Call for Our People in Need” campaign. MCS has already conducted more than twenty flu shot clinics throughout the island, redoubling its efforts, and joins “Flumaratón” in order to increase the number of lives protected against the flu through immunization.

The Voces alliance also seeks to impact and promote vaccine education, and the prevention of infectious diseases among the elderly living below the poverty level.

“Our mission and vision is to safeguard human life through vaccination as a preventive method against diseases for Puerto Rico’s public health. We appreciate this support from the MCS Foundation and MCS Classicare, which allows us to reach more places and positively impact more Puerto Ricans,” said Lilliam Rodríguez Capó, leader of the initiative and chief officer at Voces.

In-person efforts include flu shot clinics for the general public, which are held from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the following locations: (November 21, at the Pachín Vicens Auditorium), Fajardo (December 5 at the Tomás Dones Coliseum), Humacao (December 6 at Colegio Osvaldo Gil Bosh), Caguas (December 12 at the Ángel O. Berríos Sports Complex), and in San Juan on December 12 at the Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum parking area.

Adults over age 60, as well as those with chronic conditions such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease, should get a flu shot, as it is more important than ever this season – not only to reduce the risk of contagion and its complications, but also to preserve available healthcare resources, which are so necessary to continue addressing the situations related to COVID-19.

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