Create & Cultivate, the modern media company for working womxn, by working womxn led by Founder + CEO Jaclyn Johnson, and Mastercard have launched “The Main Street Love Small Business Grant Contest”, a $100,000 program providing grants to seven deserving business owners who have been hit by the pandemic.

In 2020, small businesses faced unprecedented challenges and continue to overcome them every day. To help small businesses in the new year, Create & Cultivate and Mastercard have launched a new small business grant contest to provide business owners with the funds and support they deserve to help maintain and digitally grow their business.

The Small Business Grant will provide five $10,000 grants and two ($25,000 grants to aid and support these struggling small businesses.

“Small businesses continue to experience the long-standing impacts and challenges of the pandemic,” said Cheryl Guerin, EVP Marketing & Communications in North America for Mastercard. “The Main Street Love Small Business Grant Contest allows us to help founders hit hardest with the much-needed funding and resources they deserve to not only survive but thrive in the digitally evolving world.”

“Small businesses are the heart of our community and the foundation of the economy,” said Jaclyn Johnson, founder and CEO of Create & Cultivate. “We recognize that a lot of them are in need of funding, tools, and resources to help equip them to expand their digital presence and thrive in this new normal.”

To qualify, applicants must provide background information on their small business, inclusive of how they intend to use the small business grant, how they plan to enhance or grow their business digitally, along with additional information on how their small business has been affected by COVID-19.

The submission period will close on Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST. To enter for the grant program, please visit the contest website at

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