Made in America, Face Masks

Local face mask manufacturer, Made in America, is donating two million masks to Puerto Rico residents to support their fight against COVID-19. The Act 60 (formerly 20/22) decree holders established the manufacturing facility in Carolina, Puerto Rico to produce disposable 3-ply masks to promote access to affordable, quality masks manufactured locally, and not made in China.

“At Made in America, we want to ensure that all the people in need of personal protective equipment in Puerto Rico have access to our face masks. It is our corporate responsibility to help the people on the island during these challenging times,” said Ricky Patel, Esq. President of Made in America.

“Our thoughts are with those suffering from this health crisis and with the brave healthcare professionals who are working every day to keep us safe. We are committed to delivering quality products made in beautiful Puerto Rico," he added.

As part of the company’s commitment to the island and its residents, Made in America has also donated face masks to several local nonprofit organizations, including the United Way of Puerto Rico and the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico.

“Through our donation, it is our hope that we can help limit the spread of this virus. As a company, we have prioritized our efforts by partnering with locals and we have taken this important step to donate these masks as we continue to accelerate production of our disposable 3-ply face masks,” said Joel Cardona, Partner in Made in America.

He added, "our goal is to become a leading national manufacturer of these face masks that are an essential part of our fight against COVID-19.”

Ricky Patel, Esq. and Made in America are part of The 20/22 Act Society, a membership-based organization composed of individuals relocated to Puerto Rico and who are participants of the Acts 20/22 (now Law 60). For more information, visit

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