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From left: Linette M. Torres, Zaigret Canals, Gabriela Franquiz, Melina Martínez.

Winning a prestigious international award is always a source of pride, much more so when creativity and its execution were propelled by reinvention as a consequence of the current situation in Puerto Rico.

Thus was born the #EstoPROMete - Your Virtual Prom 2020 initiative, awarded with the FePi Online 2020 Special Award: COVID-19 under the 'Social Networks and Influencers' category, awarded by the Fundación Comunicar of Argentina, which organizes the International Festival of Independent Advertising in its 14th Edition.

The award recognizes useful creative ideas for the community in different ways, in this case, conceptualized and carried out by Blend Marketing Solutions, a local 180° private marketing practice, established by Linette M. Torres and Melina Martínez in 2016.

“2020 was without a doubt a difficult year. Puerto Rico went through earthquakes, storms, and like the rest of the world the situation of COVID-19. As a consequence, the school year was interrupted, and for thousands of graduates around the island their long-awaited graduation and Senior Prom were canceled," Torres said. "Virtually everything that allowed to close their school year was canceled, affecting them emotionally, among other ways."

The team of women that make up Blend Marketing Solutions -especially Zaigret Canals, Creative Director and Gabriela Franquiz, Account Executive- used their multigenerational synergy to create a project that could unite the community of graduates of Puerto Rico, bringing them joy and fun even in times of quarantine.

“This is how #EstoPROMete - Tu Virtual Prom 2020 was born, which was a virtual party where the graduates, their parents and teachers enjoyed a night of music and entertainment. We brought together two of the best DJs in Puerto Rico, accompanied by their host, the influencer Didi Romero," said Melina Martínez, who prior to being a Blend partner worked as Marketing Manager for the Caribbean and Central America.

"Not only were we the first Puerto Rican virtual prom, but #EstoPROMete became a community because prior to the event we interacted with our audience through lives, influencers, tutorials, giveaways and artist congratulations for the students," she added.

On the night of the event, over 30,000 spectators were able to dance and enjoy themselves at home through the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Zoom. According to the comments posted by the participants, it was a fun evening.

"We were very excited when we saw that we were selected for the list of Finalists made up of 74 large agencies from different countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Peru, but above all that we were the only agency in Puerto Rico," Canals said. "When we were awarded the Bronze Medal, it was a cause for real celebration as an agency."

Argentina's FePi Online 2020 received nominations and proposals for original ideas from more than 30 countries from agencies, studios, companies and independent creative consultancies. The jury was made up of seasoned industry professionals.

Taking into account the tragic circumstances that the world is experiencing, the 2020 Edition of the festival was held under the slogan "Indie Solidarity Initiative," since part of the registration fees were donated to Doctors Without Borders for the Coronavirus Crisis Fund of this International NGO. For 14 years, FePI has been the most important and equal competition of the largest community of independent agencies. This year, the contribution of participants from more than 30 countries made it the only festival in the industry with a truly supportive purpose.

#EstoPromete became an institution, holding its second #EstoPRomete: Dive Edition as a virtual party that gave way to the beginning of summer, with a view to continuing to create events to form a series.

Blend Marketing Solutions is an agency that has clients from the Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry, Services and Entertainment categories. The agency is one more example of the successful adaptation to these times and the desire to evolve with a purpose.

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