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Liberty Business, the business market division of Liberty Puerto Rico, announced the completion of its integration with C&W Business Puerto Rico. As a result, the company is in a stronger position to provide end-to-end IT and telecommunications solutions aimed at mid and large companies.

Both Liberty and C&W Business Puerto Rico, which previously operated on the island as Columbus Networks Puerto Rico, are part of Liberty Latin America, a leading telecommunications company with operations in over 20 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, and a subsea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network that connects over 40 markets in the region.


Antonio Llona, vicepresident of Liberty Business. (Courtesy Liberty)

“The strategic decision to combine these two operations in Puerto Rico brings a new level of sophistication in technology and connectivity available to all types of businesses across the island,” said Antonio Llona, vice president of Liberty Business. “C&W Business Puerto Rico fast-tracked the way for us to provide technology solutions that are custom tailored for mid and large business companies, in addition to personnel specializing in advanced managed Internet services, security and disaster recovery, to name a few. We have a solid infrastructure through a fiber optic network and multiple data centers, a highly trained workforce, local customer-centric support, and the added experience and support of Liberty Latin America.”

Now that C&W Business Puerto Rico has been integrated into the Liberty Business operation, the company is launching five new products: managed network, managed Wi-Fi, managed security, cloud PBX, and business continuity.

Liberty Business has a local, complete and dedicated B2B technical operations team to design, implement, and service the customers. The members of this team are highly trained, knowledgeable and carry numerous specialized certifications.

According to Llona, Liberty Business has experienced double-digit growth over the past five years and over 10 percent annually. “Our market participation is now stronger, thanks to our union with C&W Business Puerto Rico. We are now poised to serve a larger share of Puerto Rico’s businesses and provide them with more sophisticated solutions, delivered through a proven and solid fiber optic network,” concluded Llona.

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