Liberty Business, the business market division of Liberty Puerto Rico, recently launched “Secured Edge,” a managed security services solution that oversees network security for any size or type of business. Offered to Liberty Business by Fortinet, the product is available exclusively for Liberty Business customers.

“‘Secured Edge’ manages network security right at the business’ premises, which allows customers to focus on running their operations while giving them peace of mind,” said Antonio Llona, vice president of Liberty Business. “It also optimizes the network to isolate, control and prevent cybersecurity threats while using the industry’s best practices.”

In addition to cybersecurity control, Llona adds that “Secured Edge” offers customers many other benefits such as security templates and security configurations designed specifically for each business, an Enterprise license, better cybersecurity equipment configuration practices, periodical updates and 24/7 support. It also offers FortiSandBox, an advanced security service that provides top-rated proactive advanced threat detection.

“To make things even easier, ‘Secured Edge’ provides reports to comply with established regulations and policies, plus early alerts on new threats and intelligence to predict, detect and block zero-day malware. This is basically a product that can handle the latest in cybersecurity threats, which helps business owners rest easy knowing that their companies’ cybersecurity is in good hands,” added Llona.

“Secured Edge,” also offers other important features such as DNS filtering, content filtering, web filtering, VPN, port & IP network policies, intrusion prevention system, intrusion detection system, data loss prevention, antivirus and antispam.

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