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“Game-Changers, Welcome Home,” is the rallying cry and title of Invest Puerto Rico’s new marketing campaign. Packed into that phrase is what the investing firm believes is essential to repositioning the island within global markets.

Invest PR listed their primary goal as attracting Fortune 500 leaders, pharmaceutical companies, and to expand manufacturing capabilities, the results of which they hope will boost the socioeconomic status of the island’s residents.

Their target audience includes tech entrepreneurs that are looking to relocate to an advantageous spot for meeting future challenges. Key markets for collaboration are New York, New Jersey, Boston, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco.

“The world is emerging from the pandemic, changed. In order to survive, business methods must change as well. Puerto Rico is forging ahead as a tourist destination and now it’s time for the island to become a destination for investment as well,” said Roderick Miller, Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) for Invest Puerto Rico.

Invest Puerto Rico stands at the forefront of this effort. “The goal of Invest Puerto Rico’s new brand identity is to create something aspirational and exciting that would capture the true essence of Puerto Rico,” said Nicole Vilalte, the firm Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

What this translated into is a $4.7 million impulse in media investment – with over 600 million projected impressions, and 100,000 site visits– focusing on national (US) media activation and top publications such as Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the Harvard Business Review, and Fortune, as well as advertising through a mix of channels: video, print, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, search, social media, and direct marketing.

The firm hopes the readers of these publications, reflecting Invest PR’s target audience – investors, C-suite members, investment analysts, entrepreneurs– will stumble upon the opportunity while reading the news and drinking their morning coffee.

Mindset is key. The three speakers clarified that they don’t want just any leader - they want a leader who understands that doing business in Puerto Rico is different than in California, that it entails a different culture, bureaucracy, language, and history and comes with a new set of challenges.

Miller clarified that they aren’t looking “for those who come with their hands out for tax incentives…”, but rather for leaders and businesses that bring long-term value propositions within their sector.

Puerto Rico has its own talent, but invites talent from around the world to share in the island’s value, which includes a highly educated bi-cultural and bilingual workforce.

This campaign is planting the seeds for future growth. The initial push is occurring now, but the value of the campaign is in its “tail”, as Miller put it – in other words, a few years after its initiation. To measure the success of the campaign, the firm’s board mandated 6,000 new jobs to be committed along with $20 million in capital investments.

“Game-changers, welcome home,” is a reintroduction of Puerto Rico to the world. The island is known as a tourist spot and for its natural beauty, but now the world should discover it as a destination for investment and a home for innovative business leaders who are in it for the long haul.

Invest Puerto Rico is a public-private partnership (PPP) and nonprofit organization, governed by public and private sector representatives, that collaborates with Puerto Rico’s Department of Economic Development and Commerce, trade organizations, industry partners, government agencies, and academia to position the island for outside investment.

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