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Firehouse Subs Puerto Rico continues with its commitment to contribute to the island's fire departments by delivering safety equipment for firefighters in Guaynabo and the Municipal Office for Emergency Management of Aguadilla. The equipment, valued at over $30,960, was donated through the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation.

With this delivery, the contribution in equipment Firehouse Subs Puerto Rico has made to the fire brigades exceeds $128,900. These donations have directly benefited the towns of Mayagüez, Canóvanas and Fajardo, adding now Guaynabo and Aguadilla.

The Guaynabo Fire Station received (5) five sets of firefighter safety suits, including pants, coats, helmets, shields, gloves and boots; a much more modern and resistant equipment to replace the previous ones. Likewise, a thermal camera was included, an instrument of vital importance to visualize more accurately the areas of heat in case of strong fires where the visibility of the firefighter is limited to fire and smoke.

The donation granted by the Firehouse Subs chain to the Municipal Office for Emergency Management of Aguadilla, which will be used to support the fire department of that town, includes an oxygen tank with its mask to prevent the firefighter is affected during his work while extinguishing the fires, two ladders, additional protection masks and a portable pump to remove water, among others.

Josué Hernández, chief operating officer of Firehouse Subs Puerto Rico, emphasized that “the donation granted reaffirms the company's commitment to provide essential equipment and materials to fire departments on the island. We are aware of the risk of the work that this group of brave professionals do to protect and keep our communities safe”.

The executive also took the opportunity to thank the clients of the chain for their support, because thanks to their contributions by rounding up their change at the time of buying their food in the restaurants, they contribute to make possible this important project for firefighters in the island.

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