The kitchen laboratory. (Courtesy NUC)

Direct access to connoisseurs of the culinary industry of the country and international, expert faculty, spacious and modern facilities and a more comprehensive and tempered curriculum to the demands of the labor market, are some of the ingredients that place the new National School of Culinary Arts as the vanguard of an educational center.

This was reported today by the directors of National University College headed by Gloria E. Baquero Lleras, who chairs the institution of higher education, announcing the creation of the school that offers culinary arts programs in its 13 extension centers.

“Students need access to new information, trends and knowledge from recognized leaders experienced in the gastronomic field, this will undoubtedly strengthen the learning process of those who choose to study in our culinary arts programs,” Baquero said.

Fundamentally in the renovation of the now National School of Culinary Arts has been to have a committee of experts composed of renowned Puerto Rican chefs and restaurateurs, who will provide guidance, mentoring and training to the faculty and students.

This committee will also offer the community in general free workshops for cooking enthusiasts starting in September, which will include various recipes, plates and cooking techniques.

The team of experts and mentors is composed by: Chef Ventura Vivoni, graduated from the Institution, creator of Chulería en Pote and the TV program Travesías con Sabor; Chef René Marichal, partner of the Avocado, Argento, Wokit and the newly opened Bacoa restaurants and along with them will continue to offers his support, the Chef Mario Ferro, current president of the P.R. American Culinary Federation (ACF), advisor to the office of academic affairs in the culinary area, curriculums and teaching methodology.

As stated by the officers in charge of the Culinary Arts School, the curriculum will be enriched with field trips to restaurants and farms where local products are grown, so that students get their knowledge of the process of preparing food from its initial stage until they reach the table.

“To maintain the quality standard and alignment with the requirements of the industry, we have and Advisory Board, who regularly review the National School of Culinary Arts curriculum. In addition, the Local and International Cuisine programs, as well as the International Bakery and Confectionery program, are duly accredited by the ACFEFAC (American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission) in the extension centers of Ponce, Fajardo, Mayagüez, Aguadilla, Bayamón, Manatí and Caguas," Yarán Correa, vice president of Academic Affairs – Technical Programs said.

The National School of Culinary Arts provides its graduates the opportunity to have diverse work experiences, given to the alliances of the NUC IBC Institute with recognized hotels, park and restaurant chains in Puerto Rico and the USA. The National School of Culinary Arts is also an option for those who have chosen to move from the Island to continue their studies in the state of Florida Technical College in Kissimmee.

According to the spokesmen of the Institution, the Culinary Arts School will be a destination for students from abroad to come to prepare at a more accessible cost.

“Our commitment is to assert our motto, “Prove what you are made of” motivating and providing tools to students so that they can expose their talents and abilities to the fullest, so they stand out and believe in themselves. At NUC IBC Institute we are focused on providing integral learning that serves as an instrument to develop successful professionals that contribute to the transformation of Puerto Rico,"Baquero pointed out.

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