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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed the way to do business in Puerto Rico. Perhaps you never imagined having the opportunity to have a private screening for yourself, your friends, and family in one theater room from Caribbean Cinemas—now possible thanks to the cinema chain's new strategy to attract customers.

Caribbean Cinemas is offering private screenings for customers who want to see films in small groups—20 to 30 people—any day of the week. Each seat costs $12.50 plus tax and includes the movie, a popcorn combo (46 oz.) and soda or water (16 oz). The individual ticket price applies to adults, minors, and seniors, and the theater will be exclusive for the group that makes the reservation.

However, Mayra Ramírez, Communications director at Caribbean Cinemas, told THE WEEKLY JOURNAL that the Puerto Rican cinema franchise is working on smaller groups by request, depending on the establishment and theater capacity.

"In rooms where the capacity is 20 people, and the requesting group is 15 or 18 people, we can cede. We always try to please our clients," she affirmed, highlighting that the same health protocols used for standard screenings would apply.

"Customers of this new service must follow the same precautions and distancing that are enforced in theaters, in terms of mandatory mask use (except when eating), hand sanitizer use, and the required physical distancing," she added.

The movie theaters participating in this initiative are located in Plaza Guaynabo, Montehiedra Cinemas, Plaza Carolina, Las Piedras, Plaza del Caribe (Ponce), Barceloneta, Western Plaza, and Fine Arts Popular Center.

The reservation and payment process is available at or through Caribbean Cinemas' social media. The screenings will be programmed with movies and schedules according to the current billboard with batches from 2:00 p.m. Reservation is required with three days in advance. The minimum required and room capacity varies by cinema. The price of the package will not apply to premiere movies and is valid until July 31.

People capacity per room:

Plaza Guaynabo (30)

Montehiedra Cinemas (20)

Plaza Carolina (20)

Las Piedras (25)

Plaza del Caribe (25)

Barceloneta (25)

Western Plaza (25)

Fine Arts Popular Center (per request)

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