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Medical devices manufacturing company with local operations in Dorado, Boston Scientific, announced it will sponsor the participation of ten (10) local business owners in the course “Strategic Business Owner” in partnership with business development and coaching firm The Growth Coach.

The course, designed to help business owners implement the strategies and tools needed to grow their company and reach their potential, will be held once a month at Boston Scientific in Dorado for a period of one year, beginning in November 2019.

“This is a great opportunity that Boston Scientific offers to 10 entrepreneurs who are committed with the growth of their business to participate, free of charge, in a process of learning, strategic thinking and growth that will help drive the success of their businesses,” said Gamaliel Malavé, Owner and Head Coach of The Growth Coach.

“In addition to providing medical solutions that allow us to take care of people and make a positive difference in their lives, at Boston Scientific we look to invest in the well-being of the communities we serve,” said Aisha Rodríguez, Boston Scientific spokesperson. “This partnership with The Growth Coach to strengthen the capabilities of local entrepreneurs is part of that commitment, as it allows us to create new opportunities for thriving and growth for Puerto Rican people, families and communities.”

The ten business owners who will participate in the course, at no cost to them, will be selected through a process of evaluation and interview.

To register for evaluation, interested business owners can access and fill out the questionnaire. Requirements include: being the owner of a registered company in Puerto Rico with two or more years of operation and three or more employees including part time, by contract and subcontract employees, and making the commitment to attend all of the program’s meetings.

This is the second consecutive year that Boston Scientific establishes an alliance with The Growth Coach to hold a business development program in Puerto Rico.

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