Rudy Giuliani

Following President Donald Trump's apparent defeat to his Democratic contender in the presidential race, former Vice President Joe Biden, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani spoke on behalf of Trump's campaign, citing foul play from Democrats.

Early on Saturday, November 7—four days after the general elections—it was reported that Biden had won in the state of Pennsylvania, thus surpassing the 270 votes from the Electoral College that he would need to take over the White House next January.

However, in the past days, both Trump and Republican poll watchers have lambasted Democratic volunteers in swing states for allegedly mishandling absentee votes and counting votes cast under the names of deceased citizens. With multiple losses in key states, Trump affirmed that he would take legal action and demand a recount, a process that has already been confirmed to ensue in some states, such as Georgia.

But while the president remained optimistic of a landslide win regardless of the defeats registered in the past days, Saturday's Pennsylvania results prompted a swift response from the commander-in-chief's team.

Notably, Giuliani asserted at a press conference in Philadelphia—which he denounced has a "history of corruption"—that Republican poll watchers were not allowed to secure a reliable democratic process by preventing them from overseeing vote counts made by their Democratic counterparts.

"This is outrageous! In an enormously important contest with a very, very suspect method of voting there was no security. Zero! The people of this city, the people of this country, have no assurance at all that those ballots were actually cast, that would have [had] to be unanimously cast for Joe Biden in order to catch up," Giuliani affirmed.

The former mayor subsequently introduced Republican poll watchers, who echoed his statements with alleged firsthand perspective. "These are only two or three of about 50 people so far that have given us statements, affidavits, recordings. We're going to have many, many witnesses. This is not a small case; it's going to be a big case," he said.

One of the poll watchers from Philadelphia, Darryl Brooks, an African-American Trump supporter, claimed that his Republican colleagues were not allowed to inspect the polls, and that he even endured harassment by volunteers for the Democratic Party. “When I go to the poll, it was basically, they put us at 20 feet away, and they said: ‘no cameras, no phones, can’t take pictures.’ I was even harassed by some of the Democratic poll watchers,” he affirmed at the same press conference.

“Next thing you know, it was six feet away, and they still wouldn’t allow us to see anything that was happening... We didn’t know any names, we didn’t see anything, we didn’t know if people voted twice or three times, we didn’t even know if dead people were voting... They did not allow us to see anything,” Brooks added. “We just want a fair election and we view that it was not fair at all.”

Likewise, Matt Silver claimed that he served for 16 hours as a poll watcher, but that, despite having the required credentials, getting in by itself was a hassle. Moreover, he said that there was too much distance between the poll watchers to ensure that they were working honestly and efficiently, and that taking pictures or recording videos for potential evidence was prohibited.

“Eventually, when I was able to get through, you were not able to get anywhere near the ballots. There were three rows of people counting ballots—the closest in my day may have been 15 feet away... To the extent that you could not see anything. We were told repeatedly—including by Democratic poll watchers, including by police—that if they see us taking a photograph or a video we would be thrown out and not allowed back in,” Silver said. “I don’t know what they were trying to protect.”

Brooks said that the process was “specifically designed so we could not observe,” adding that he did manage to get glimpses of several boxes, some of which he claimed had “very similar handwriting” and were then tucked away.

“When I was there, I saw some people looking at the ballots legitimately; some people picked up and threw them at a rate of every second or so, in a way that we specifically could not even see a single thing... Certain boxes seemed to be unusual hand and seemed to have very similar handwriting. Some boxes were normal, some boxes were like that. When they finished going through boxes, they put them at the very, very back of the room, where you couldn’t see a thing, hundreds of feet away,” he added.

Giuliani introduced other dismayed Trump supporters and lambasted the officials in charge, although he clarified that his statements should not be interpreted as an “attack” against the city’s residents.

"I'm not attacking the people of Philadelphia. I'm attacking your decrepit Democratic machine, which has a lot of other reasons to be attacked. It's been around for 65 years. You keep electing the same people; the city gets no better, the crime goes through the roof," Giuliani said, adding that the same issue was supposedly reported in Pittsburgh, Georgia, Michigan, and North Carolina as well.

If the courts and state governments pull through, a recount might provide clarity on these allegations. In the meantime, both Biden and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have already claimed early victory, although the Electoral College has yet to issue its votes and a recount in some jurisdictions appears to be imminent. If formally declared the victor, Biden would become the 46th president of the United States. Giuliani asserted, however, that Trump will not concede the election until a recount ensures that the event wasn't rigged. 

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