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The Puerto Rico Young Republican Federation (PRYF) celebrated the preliminary results of the political status plebiscite held yesterday along the general elections, which determined that a majority of voters votes "yes" for statehood.

At the time of this writing, the State Election Commission (CEE by its Spanish acronym) has revealed in its portal that in the yes/no referendum, 592,332 (52.19%) of voters chose statehood, compared to 542,716 (47.81%) who voted against annexation to the U.S. mainland. To date, 5,298 of 5,567 polling stations have been counted, or 95.17%.

"The results of the referendum in favor of statehood are an unequivocal message in favor of advancing the decolonization option of the people of Puerto Rico. So much so, that Statehood got more votes than any candidate in this election and shows support outside of party lines. Last night, statehood was consolidated as the most important civic and political cause of all Puerto Ricans. This is why our organization will be activating the network of Republican youth federations and the strategic alliances that we have established throughout the nation to advocate for our cause. We will be carrying out various activities and procedures in the Federal Capital," said Josué Rivera, president of the Federation.

Moreover, José Cabrera—co-president of the PRYF—stated: "having dictated our mandate for equality, it behooves us to demand that Congress implement statehood for Puerto Rico. Congress has the responsibility to act on our claim, as it is the only body with the constitutional power to admit states. In what concerns us most, we will remain firm and vigilant that Republican members of Congress lead the equality we demand at the polls."

After the apparent victory for statehood, with fewer than 5% of votes left to be counted, the members of the Federation exhorted all Puerto Ricans to unite to demand that Congress admit Puerto Rico as a U.S. state and thus provide Puerto Rico with greater powers under the 10th amendment of the federal Constitution to address the island's social and economic problems.

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